Welcome Braeden!
Can I brag? I' ve been wanting to for so long now but my infected sinus' has kept me in bed for the past 10 days or so.

Now that i'm feeling better, I'd like to introduce you to our newest family member, Braeden Knox Tohill!! I'm a great aunt, y'all!

Here's our little bound of joy with great-grandparents, Rocky and Jeri Monda. (These are also my parents)

Here, Braeden is being held by my husband, Pat. Hollie, Braeden's mom, looks beautiful!!

And here is the proud dad, Patrick Tohill. Great job, Patrick!!

A close up of Braeden. Is he sweet or what, y'all!!!

Aunt Micca and Hitomi with baby Braeden.

Babies bring such joy to the family! I had the honor of praying over Braeden that day. I know God has great plans for his life. I can't wait to watch him grow and discover all God has in store for him.

Micca Campbell-Helping Women Live Carefree in God's Care

Be My Vision
Where are you casting your vision? Are your eyes carefully watching your budget? Are they on your struggling marriage? Do your children consume your vision? Perhaps it’s some other challenge that has captured your mental picture.

From time to time, I cannot see beyond those things or my family. Other times, trivial things gain my attention—such as my hair! Oh, admit it. You’re way too consumed with your hair, too. It’s a girl thing. We want to look good and part of looking good is having fabulous hair, or at least a good hair day.

You may think I’m strange but when I have an event to do, I pray for good hair. Why—good hair makes me feel good. I figure if God can part the red sea, He can certainly part my hair in all the right places. So, I ask for good hair. Then, I blow the request by doing the unthinkable.

Since I had a very busy schedule this month, I decided to “save time” by putting a store bought color on my hair. The result… I looked like Elvira!! I’m not kidding! I was horrified. My daughter tried to console by saying “It’s not that bad. It reflects the Halloween season.”

Gee, thanks! I thought to myself as tears filled my eyes.

Immediately, I called my hairdresser to save the day. Instead of stripping the color, she added highlights to soften the hair around my face. It worked. I’ve experimented with highlights before and kind of like them. The most important part…I was able to do my event.

Sometimes, however, a girl never learns. Upon returning home and before my next conference, I took my son to get a haircut at one of those discount hair shops. Trying to make the most of my time, I asked if the girl if she could give me a TRIM. She did a nice job on my son’s hair so I knew the gal could cut hair. No problem, right?!


I was in the process of letting my hair grow. Not any more! Now I have so many layers I look like Pinky Tuscadero from TV show Happy Days.

My first response was… “How can I share about Jesus when I look like Pinky Tuscadero!” Again, I called my hairdresser who had to cut my hair even shorter! Then, she had the nerve to ask me if I planned to take my hair needs into my own hands again! I cleared my throat and answered “No” sheepishly.

I drove home singing… “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen. Nobody knows my sorrow.”

It’s funny what can capture our attention. In Chicago, I spoke at a church with women who were once consumed by things such as drugs and prostitution. In Georgia, the women were consumed by pain. In Texas, women were consumed with doubt and identity issues. In North Carolina, they struggled with acceptance. You and I are no different. And yet, when we take our eyes off of ourselves and make God our only vision, things change. I witnessed this truth in each state as I ministered this month. Especially in Chicago.

These women were unmasked. They anticipated God’s intervention and He was faithful. The one thing that changed me was these women didn’t just know they needed God. They wanted Him and all He could do—all of His promises—all of His love—all of His life—all of His power, strength, hope, faith and peace. The Lord was their vision. May He be ours too.

To listen to the song, Be Thou My Vision, click here

Micca Campbell--Helping Women Live Carefree in God's Care

A True Friend
[Sisters], if a [friend] is caught in any trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness; each one looking to yourself, lest you too be tempted. Bear one another’s burdens, and thus fulfill the law of Christ (Gal. 6: 1-2 NKJ).

My favorite line in the movie Shrek, is when the donkey says… “Only a true friend would be that honest.”
Sometimes honesty hurts, but a true friend will correct you in love. They care more about your character than your feelings. God identifies this kind of person as a true and faithful friend.

God in His wisdom and grace always provides richly for His children in every way. Christian friendship is one of God’s provisions that allows us to stay on the straight and narrow path. However, sometimes we can miss true friendship. Too often, we sneer at the friend who lovingly corrects us, while being drawn to others whose words drip with sugar coated flattery. Yet, the Father instructs His spirit-led children to love, encourage, and gently restore the one who has fallen least they too be tempted. Therefore, we should take notice of the friend who cares enough to carry our burden of sin until we are re-established. God has placed this spiritually mature friend in our lives to reinstate us, strengthen us, and help us to grow in Christ.

Here are some things to look for in a true Christian friend.
1.) A true spirit-led friend will let you know when you have sinned. While this is often painful, Proverbs 27:6 says that wounds from a friend are better than many kisses from an enemy. (NLT)
2.) A true friend is humble. They can be trusted not to spread rumors about you, because they know that they, too, are susceptible to sin as you are Gal 6:1. (NLT)
3.) A true friend loves at all times Proverbs 17:17 (NLT). They are available in good times and bad. They do not judge or criticize, but are motivated by love in all things.
4.) A true friend will help carry your burdens. They never give up on you. They endure through prayer and counsel for as long as it takes. They will weep with you when you weep and rejoice with you when you rejoice Rom. 12:15. (NLT)

Having a true Christian friend is not only a benefit provided by God, but it’s also a necessity for growth, for fulfilling God’s law, and for provision as we do life together.

I hope you are enjoying and learning much about friendship on this week’s tour by Rachel Olsen. I know that I appreciate and value your friendship as you encourage me on my journey. Thank you for allowing me to share my life with you. And thank you for sharing yours with me. While I can't always return a comment, I do pray for you…that God will keep you and guide you. That He will fill you with His love, conquer your temptations, strengthen your faith, and use you in a mighty way to bring Him glory.

As I write to you tonight. I’ve just arrived home from a wonderful weekend in Chicago. I had the privilege of speaking to a group of ladies—some whom God has pulled literally from the trenches. They changed my life. These ladies, like us, knew they needed Jesus. But they took it a step further. They want Him. They expect God to touch, heal, restore, change, and save their lives.

There’s no better or closer friend than Jesus. If you don’t know him, click here.

Please pray for me as I travel, once again, in the morning to GA. May He who is faithful, continue to change lives. Change mine, Oh, God, change mine.

Micca Campbell--Helping Women Live Carefree in God's Care

Joining God in His Work
What a month! October has been full of ministry as I've traveled and spoken in TX, NC, and TN. Then, this weekend I'm off to Chicago and GA. God is blessing!!

The Lord was on the move in Oak Island near Wilmington, NC. 20 women gave their hearts to Christ!! Go God!! And one gal seen in the photo below with women's ministry leader, Mary Meeks, was baptized in the ocean. She couldn't wait to testify to the goodness of God and how He has changed her life for the good!!

Saturday afternoon, during free time, Sue and I hi-jacked Mary's car and toured the Island. We had lunch at Fishy Fishy located on the water front. I had my first dish of shrimp and grits. Girl, its GOOOOOOOOOD!!!! I even dreamed about it the day after!

Sue, my good friend and assistant, and me enjoying the view!

These brave gals from Oakwood Baptist in Giddings, TX are about to ride the zip-line!

Yes, that's me!!! Texas girls are bad influences, but a lot of fun!!! I just love'em!!

Vern, or as I call her "Pinky" and I hanging out together with the gals of Oakwood.

Last night I spoke in Franklin to a group of over 300 women. I got to bring Hitomi. She was interested in seeing what her American mom did for a living.
It's such a blessing to serve along side of such amazing women such as Patty Brown from Giddings, TX, and Mary Meeks from NC, and Katherine Bond from TN. Thank you ladies for the opportunity to be a part of your ministry to women. May God continue to bless you as you serve His daughters.
Hope to see you in Chicago and GA later this week! May the love of God captivate your heart and life today!
Micca Campbell--Helping Women Live Carefree in God's Care

Celebrating Twenty Years
Today is my 20th wedding anniversary. I can honestly say it’s been good most of the time. Sure we’ve had our ups and downs, trials, arguments, misunderstandings, and a touch of the silent treatment. Overall, we are a happy couple. Now…that is.

It’s difficult when two personalities live together. For example, I’m strong-willed and my husband is more compliant. When we argue, I fight to win. He, on the other hand, hates conflict. So what does he do? He yields. This went on for years in our marriage. Because Pat would yield, I won every disagreement. After a while, I began to think, “I’m just right all the time.”
Meanwhile, Pat is hiding out in the closet with a voodoo-doll stabbing it repeatedly. I had no idea he was building resentment towards me. In my mind, I let him run the things. He ran the vacuum and dishwasher at my command.

It wasn’t until we were sitting in a counselor’s office that the whole thing came to light. Pat responded with, “Yeah, what he said. That’s how I feel.” I sat astonished at the enlightenment with my mouth hanging open.

But God… works in mysterious ways, does He not??

Shortly after we discovered this flaw in our marriage, we were asked to co-lead a class at church for engaged couples. “What?” I thought. “Why in the world would they ask Pat and me to lead a class on marriage?”

Because God was at work.

We said, “Yes.” The material was from Dennis Rainey’s ministry entitled, Preparing for Marriage. Even though Pat and I had been married several years at this point, this book began to change our relationship. When they asked us to step up and be the leaders of the class, we were thrilled. The more we read and taught the class, the more the truths sank in and the more we changed—for the better!

If I had to choose one thing that would help you today improve on your marriage, it would be this: Receive your mate as a gift from God.

God made a helper (Eve) suitable for Adam. Eve was God’s provision for Adam when no other relationship would do. Adam knew God. He also knew that God could be trusted. So in faith, Adam received Eve—warts and all. Adam received her as God’s perfect provision for him.

Most of the time, we are attracted to the traits of our spouse that are opposite of ourselves. For example, I’m basically shy. I’m husband is very outgoing. When we were dating, I was attracted to this quality in him. After we were married, it became annoying at times. But God made us different for a reason. We complete one another. (No, Tom Curse didn’t come up with that line) God did! My husband’s strengthens make my weakness stronger. And vice versa.

Therefore, we’ve learned to follow Adam’s example. Instead of becoming annoyed by one another, we have chosen to receive each other as a gift from God. By trusting in God’s provision and accepting my husband’s strengths and weaknesses has made all the difference in our marriage!!

I challenge you today to receive your mate as God’s gift from Him to you. In doing so, you demonstrate your faith in God’s integrity to give you good things and provide for your needs.

Now, I must go and prepare for an evening of romance. We’re having dinner at our favorite restaurant tonight. Later this month, we’re going to continue our celebration in Chicago!

His Love Never Fails
Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. My devotion, Remain, My Love, is about learning to abide in God’s Presence so that we can know Him and His love better. On my blog, I’ve been talking about gifts. Today I want to share the greatest gift God offers. His Unconditional Love. It’s a gift many have a hard time receiving. I believe there are two reasons for this:

1. Something happened in your past or you did something that you think disqualifies you from God’s love. This is not true. God created you and me and He loves us just the way we are—warts and all! And, God never turns away from those who seek forgiveness and mercy. His love never fails.

2. Like me, you’ve allowed some disappointment to cool your affections for God. Perhaps it was an unexpected illness, a problem or a sorrow that led you to believe that God didn’t care. If He did care, why would He have allowed such a hurtful thing to happen? I understand.

When my husband died, I asked God that same question. I struggled with His love. I felt overwhelmed, distressed, and afraid. Mostly, I wanted God to do something; to change my circumstances and fast! Have you ever felt that way?

The truth is God may not always remove us from our crisis, but He will support us in them. His support comes from His promised Presence.

I learned this one evening when the pain of loss got the best of me. I put my infant son to bed and began pacing the floor in agony. I missed my husband deeply. The enemy seems to play on my wound. Before I knew it, I was having suicidal thoughts. I was torn between living for my son and dying to be with my spouse. Yet, I knew I couldn’t leave that baby. I just grew angrier and angrier until I did what any woman would do in my situation.

In my mind’s eye, I burst through heaven’s door and shook my fists in the face God as I questioned, “Why! Why did you do this to me? Why did you give me that baby and take away his father? Oh, God! I need to know WHY!!”

How many times have you wanted to do the same?

I understand why you don’t. I mean, He’s God and could kill you in a second for speaking to Him like that! (or at least that’s what we think would be His reaction.)

For me it was just like a mother running to her crying child; God the Father ran to me, His child. I didn’t see Him with my eyes or touch Him with my hand, but His promised Presence consumed me in such a way that I couldn’t cry another tear.

I knew even in the pit of death, God was there. I knew, beyond a doubt, that He loved me. It was if His Presence whispered, “My love is perfect for you.”

That day, my understanding of God and His love took a huge leap forwarded. I knew that His love cold be trusted in the face of any circumstance. And I want you to know that whatever you’re going through today, God is faithful. You, too, can trust His love in the midst of your storm. If you do trust Him, He’ll provide the strength, hope, and love you need to get through it. I promise!

If you were touched by today's post and want to read more about my story, pick of a copy of my book, An Untroubled Heart.

I'm so excited! I'm updating my blog. Soon, you’ll be able to sign up to receive a monthly newsletter filled with tips for living carefree in God’s care. I hope you’ll check back often and sign up.

Join Micca this month. She'll be speaking:

October 8-10, at Hope Community Church; Raleigh, NC Contact Mary Meeks almarymeek@yahoo.com

Oct 12, at Clearview Baptist Church; Franklin, TN Contact: Katherine Bond bluehawaii315@yahoo.com

Oct 15-16, at the Women Of Purpose Conference in Chicago, IL; Contact: Rosie rosie@mynewlife.org

October 19, at First Baptist Church; Douglas, GA Contact Cheryl Skipper cherylskipper@gmail.com

May the love of God fill your heart today and everyday!

Amazing Grace
One of the reasons Hitomi wanted to come to America was to learn about her father’s faith. He was an American Christian from Miami, FL. Before he died, he took Hitomi to church with him on base in Japan. She doesn’t remember much about her father’s faith; just that it was important enough for him to share it with her.

Hitomi’s interest in our faith has been easy. We don’t have to bring the subject up or drag her to church with our family. She’s full of questions and she loves church! She has even asked for a bible! That’s a blessing. Now, all we have to do is pray for God’s grace…

Grace for spiritual understanding.

Grace for her to have believing faith.

Grace for her to receive God’s gift of grace.

And for grace to commit to Christ as Lord.

Did you know that if you have followed those steps above it’s because of God’s grace. It’s a gift God has given you. The bible says that we didn’t choose Him, He chose us. (My paraphrase). That means you and I only believe and trust in Christ as our Savoir and Lord because God poured out His gift of grace upon us enabling us to believe. That truth stirs my heart to praise Him. In fact, we should thank God each day for the love and favor He has shown to us by His grace.

Why not do that now. Thank God, for opening your eyes to His grace and ponder the impact His amazing grace has had on your life. On the other hand, perhaps your praying for someone’s Salvation. Then ask God to pour out His grace on that person and open their spiritual eyes to their need for forgiveness through Jesus Christ. And don’t forget to pray for Hitomi, too.

Micca Campbell-Helping Women Live Carefree in God's Care

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